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Caravan versus Hotel Holidays

There's a lot to be said for a caravan holiday, not least of which is freedom, virtually absolute freedom to do as you please, go where you please, and have your own timetable. You are not subject to hotel or boarding house rules about meal times, having dogs in your rooms, or risk being locked out if you come in late after a night out.

You can of course rent a static caravan by the sea for a holiday which is fair enough, but why not go the whole hog and buy your own caravan which will last for years and repay you forty-fold in terms of value for money? If you consider the investment in a good quality modern caravan like one of the fine range of Lunar caravans, which you can view at then it gives you an asset that holds its value quite well and provides you with that priceless advantage of freedom to roam. With hotel holidays you usually have to book ahead in the summer months in order to be sure of finding accomodation, and you are paying out money that you will never see again. In addition you often are paying for various amenities that you'll probably never use like a fully fitted gym with an array of rowing machines and lifting weights. Who needs all that when they are on holiday? A holiday should be about seeing new places and relaxing in those that you find pleasant and attractive, rather than having to subject yourself to physical misery just because you have paid for it.

When you have a look at Lunar or other modern makes of caravan, you will see how technology has improved them significantly over the years. Modern caravans are lighter in weight to make them easy to tow with any normal family car. You don't need a Range Rover to tow one unless you're going for a four-wheeled, six berth van which is beyond most people's needs. You can get a very nice four-berth caravan that makes use of every inch of space inside like a Tardis, and yet is compact enough on the outside not to be a nuisance on UK roads.

A modern Lunar caravan is quite luxurious inside and has everything you need in various configurations to suit your personal priorities. It comes fully equiped with a lounge area, cooker, sink, wardrobe, beds, and bathroom with shower and WC. There may not be as much space to walk about as in a hotel room but would you spend much time pacing up and down in a hotel room on holiday? Everything you need is in your van, just scaled down to make it easy to take it with you wherever you go.

If you're the type who likes to dress for dinner, and expects someone else to carry your plate from the kitchen to your table then you will have to pay hotel prices for the privilege, but, if you're a normal sort of person who likes to just have a good time on holiday without spending over the top, then the caravan has to be your choice!